Need some high quality Kiln Dried Firewood? The Cheshire Stove Shop specialise in supplying the very best.

While most firewood in the industry is unseasoned or merely partially seasoned, we understand that you want quality for your money. That’s why we’re proud to offer the best Kiln Dried Firewood in the area. We offerquality assured Kiln Dried Firewood, so you can be confident in your purchases. Our Kiln Dried Firewood is unique from many competitors’ – all of our wood is derived from properly managed sustainable forests. As a testament of our dedication to quality, our supplier is a member of the Wood Heat Association, the UK’s largest renewable energy trade body and a subsidiary of the Renewable Energy Association. While we do not claim to sell the cheapest firewood available, we take care to ensure that our Kiln Dried logs are produced using the most progressive techniques. For more insight into our high quality standards,we use a single supplier who sources all of our wood. They cut, process, and Kiln Dry the firewood. They then thoroughly test it before packing it into crates and re-test it before placing it into shipping containers, guaranteeing high quality dried firewood. When it arrives at our warehouse, we test it ourselves for adequate moisture content and determine quality based on factors such as log size and species types. The firewood then remains in our warehouse and is later retested to ensure that it is below our guaranteed 20% moisture content. All of this testing takes time, but here at The Cheshire Stove Shop, we know the importance of dependability. We take extra precautions to ensure that we deliver on our guarantees. The Cheshire Stove Shop is a small family business that takes pride in reliably delivering ready-to-burn firewood. Not only will we deliver a product that you will believe in, but our delivery protocols ensure that it will be delivered punctually and with care. With The Cheshire Stove Shop, you will never have to worry about your purchases being scattered on your lawn or driveway again! Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within three to five business days or less after the date of order. If requested, we will also deliver on Saturdays for a small extra fee. If you require a rush delivery, please dial our hotline number 01625 402900 for next day delivery at a low surcharge of £10. Our ideology is simple: we want to offer you the highest quality Kiln Dried firewood in exchange for your money. No headaches. In order to maintain the quality of your Kiln Dried firewood, you should store it in a well-ventilated shed or garage after delivery. Alternatively, you may place your firewood under a waterproof cover that protects the entire top of the stack, but is open on the sides. You should also keep firewood raised off the ground.