Personlise Your Beam
There are a variety of additional processes you can add to your beam to change its root form. These include processes like flaming, fuming, adding knocks and dents, pegs or random shaping.
Brushed Effect
Your Oak beam can be given some texture by wire brushing the grain to leave a raised texture. To ..
Flaming Effect
This process gives a tiger marking appearance. Your oak beam is flamed along the grain giving it a ..
Fumed Effect
As Oak becomes older, the darker it becomes. A fuming procedure enables a reaction with the Oak to c..
Knocks and Dents
Sometimes a beam needs more character and appeal. Small indentations and carefully positioned dents..
Lazy Arch
A lazy arch can be applied to the underneath of a beam creating an arched effect, normally centered ..
Pegs are a great feature and can used in 2 ways. Firstly, to add more interest to the oak beam as..