Wax Finishes
Our Solid Oak beams offer complete flexibility when it comes to ensuring your beam suits you. With 5 colours to choose from and various additional effects that can be added, each beam is truly unique to you and your home. Our standard size beams are either 6x3x48" or 6X6X48", however each beam is tailor-made to you and therefore we can manufacturer them to any size. Each beam comes with an after care kit which includes a small pot of matching wax and a lint free cloth.
Farmhouse Beam
The Farmhouse beam is more nutty and authentic colour depending on the ‘look’ you are trying to achi..
Jacobean Beam
The Jacobean Beam is the darkest of the waxes and provides a deep rich colour with hints of dark gre..
Traditional Beam
A popular colour with most customers. It offers a mid-way colour that blends itself with most decors..