Avalon 4
You’ll be surprised by the ingenious workings of this cunning contraption. Avalon 4 has loads of cha..
Avalon 5 Slimline
Enjoy a little bit of the high life. The sumptuously slender Avalon Slimline 5 has the styling an..
Avalon 6
And you can enjoy plenty of those moments beside this delightfully informal fire (as long as you don..
Avalon 8 Slimline
Avalon Compact 5
The Avalon Compact 5 is outrageously good-looking. But there’s more to it than that. The Avalon Comp..
Avalon Inset 5
The Avalon Inset 5 achieves an impressive effiency of 77.1% along with very low emissions. With the ..
Avalon Full Range
Please follow the below link:https://www.hunterstoves.co.uk/avalonAvalon stoves are DEFRA approved, ..