All Clearview Stoves come as standard in matt black with brass handles. They are available in a range of seven different colours and with silver handles; please specify when calling us for price.
Clearview 650
This is the second largest stove in the range; it has exactly the same classic proportions and all o..
Clearview 750
This is the largest stove in the Clearview range' its classic proportions and high heat output make ..
Clearview Pioneer 400
The Pioneer 400 is the highest specification small stove ever built. It's so fuel-efficient it will ..
Clearview Pioneer 400P
This is the same high performance stove as the Pioneer 400 but with the added feature of an integral..
Clearview Pioneer Oven
The Pioneer Oven is a highly efficient super clean burning stove specially designed for freestanding..
Clearview Solution 400
The Clearview Solution 400 is a smaller version of the Solution 500. It is a highly efficient clean ..
Clearview Vision 500
The first multifuel stove approved for burning wood and authorised fuel in UK smoke control areas. I..
Clearview Vision Inset
The Vision Inset incorporates all of the wonderful Clearview benefits found in our free standing Vis..
Cleaview Solution 500
This is a highly efficient clean burning convection stove that brings elegance and comfort to any ho..
Clearview Full Range
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