Rais 2:1
This is the stove which adds a new dimension to your home. Continuous stoves for bricking in, with d..
Rais 500 Series
This streamlined insert blends in beautifully in any modern home. Available as single front glass, f..
Rais 700
This new classic design is best for the super-minimalist architect-designed home, or for the classic..
Rais 900
With its streamlined, broad elegance, RAIS 900 contributes to highlighting the style of your home. T..
Rais Bionic Fire
This is a super eco-friendly wood burning stove with environmental data, undreamed of: no measurable..
Rais Epoca II
This wood burning stove truly combines striking elegance with strong functionality. Epoca is really ..
Rais Juno
This new stove displays superior qualities, since 255 kg of hot stone accumulate the combustion heat..
Rais Pilar
Classic perfection. Aesthetic and functional. RAIS New Pilar represents outstanding design: circular..
Rais Poleo II
With its user-friendly rounded organic shape RAIS Poleo displays a fine simplicity, which makes a go..
Rais Q-be
With its fantastic large door, this stove in super trendy cubistic style makes the fire have a pheno..
Rais Q-Bic
Corner model that can fit many places, even in smaller rooms. Two large glass surfaces, which give ..
Rais Q-Tee
Here is RAIS' new suggestion for a small, functional and simple stove with a cubist look. Q-Tee typi..
Rais Q-Tee Insert
The Q-Tee insert is simply a smart little insertable unit, allowing for a cosy fire where there othe..
Rais Rina
This beautiful and functional, new stove has an elegant, rounded front, oblique sides and does not t..
Rais Rina Soapstone
Rina soapstone sets new standards for aesthetics and utility of a small oven. Good style. A total of..